dissabte, 8 de desembre de 2012

Dijous 29 de novembre (Franco Ha Werto)

Últimos De Cuba - El Papa Ha Muerto
Down - Witchtripper
Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hallucinations
Pig Destroyer - Sis
Soilent Green - It Was Just An Accident
Creepy Family - Midnight Warrior
Enthroned - Sepulchred Within Opaque Slumber
Enshrouding - Before The Falling Night
Darkness - Death Squad
Blood Mortized - The Heretic Possession
Obituary - Dying
Sectorial - Cage With No Limits
Spellbound - Rockin' Restless
Richard Cheese - War Ensemble (Slayer cover)

Salut i Força Metal

Dijous 22 de novembre (Heavy Fins La Mort!)

Armed Forces - Let There Be Metal
77 - Give Me A Dollar
Quartz - Charlie Snow
Gigatron - Heavy Hasta La Muerte (Twisted Sister cover)
Obús - El Que Más
Iron Maiden - Space Truckin' (live) (Deep Purple cover)
Pagan Altar - The Lords Of Hipocrisy
Airdash - Hollow Men
Carnal - Judgement Day With Satan
Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
Advent Of Bedlam - Creed Of The Void
Converge - Vicious Muse

Salut i Força Metal!

divendres, 16 de novembre de 2012

Dijous 15 de novembre (Jo vaig sobreviure a la càrrega policial)

Driver - Rising Son
Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
Cauldron - Nightbreaker
Hooded Menance - Effigies Of Evil
Gorgatron - Misanthropic
Evocation - Illusions Of Grandeur
Heavenknox - Look In The Sky
Mad Max - Rocklahoma
Helstar - Burning Star
Saturnian - Into Etherea
The Horny Bitches - Lesbians Are Lesbians
Armour - Heavy Metal Drinkers
Richard Cheese - Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N Roses cover)

Salut i Força Metal!

dilluns, 12 de novembre de 2012

Dijous 8 de novembre (Fortunate Son)

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
Satyricon - K.I.N.G.
Kiss - Hell Or Hallelujah
Weapon - Crepusclar Swamp, Unhinged Swine
ADX - Caligula
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Kryptos - The Coils Of Apollyon
Spartan Warrior - Loud & Proud
Huata - Lords Of The Flame
Drug Honkey - Ghost In The Fire
Waylander - Grave Of Giants

Salut i Força Metal!

divendres, 28 de setembre de 2012

Divendres 28 de setembre ("Si hablas como una zorra, te pegaré como a una zorra")

Dio - The Last In Line
Crypt Of Kerberos - Ancient War
Master - Raise Up And Fight
Korpiklaani - Kunnia
Cage - I Am The King
Striker - Forever
Katana - Living Without Fear
Tankard - A Girl Called Cerveza
Alcoholator - Drink Beer... Or Die Trying
The Move - Open My Eyes (Live)
Motorjesus - Nitro
Powerglove - Gotta Catch'Em All (Pokemon Metal Version)

Salut i Força Metal!

dilluns, 24 de setembre de 2012

Divendres 21 de setembre (Visca Catalunya lliure!)

Grave Digger - Home At Last
Bullet - Full Pull
Angelus Apatrida - You Are Next
Crisix - The Last Monkey
Messenger - Final Thunder
Villain - Kamikaze
Havok - Prepare For Attack
Anthrax - Got The Time
Metal Law - Heavy Metal Is Forever
Witchcraft - It's Not Because Of You
Motorzombis - 2000 Maníacos

Salut i Força Metal!

divendres, 7 de setembre de 2012

Divendres 7 de setembre (Especial Wacken 2012 3a part)

Gehenna - Tormentor
In Flames - Take This Life
Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack
Insomnium - Equivalence
Ghost Brigade - Torn
Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Kylesa - Cheating Synergy
Testament - True American Hate
Dark Funeral - My Funeral
Amon Amarth - The Eyes Of Horror (Possessed Cover)
Scorpions - The Zoo
Machine Head - Who We Are
Ministry - Double Tap
Mambo Kurt - Dancing Queen (ABBA Cover)

Salut i Força Metal!

Divendres 31 d'agost (Especial Wacken 2012 2a part)

Endstille - The Deepest Place On Earth
Sacred Reich - Dead Squad
Darkest Hour - DEMON(S)
The Black Dahlia Murder - I've Heard It Before (Black Flag cover)
Overkill - Hammerhead
Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
Decapitated - Day 69
Red Fang - Wires
Coroner - Masked Jackal
DRI - I'd Rather Be Sleeping Dealing With It
Dimmu Borgir - Dimmu Borgir

Salut i Força Metal!

Divendres 24 d'agost (Especial Wacken 2012 1a part)

Midnight Priest - Rhania Da Magia Negra
Shredhead - Rise
Hamferd - Vráin
Mambo Kurt - South Of Heaven (Slayer cover)
Doro - Raise Your Fist
Hammercult - Let The Angels Burn
Sepultura - Ratamahatta
UDO feat. Doro - Dancing With An Angel
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder
Volbeat - 16 Dollars

Salut i Força Metal!

divendres, 13 de juliol de 2012

Divendres 13 de juliol (Rajoy, ets un miserable!)

Eina - L'Estat I La Revolució
Nile - Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame
Obispo Fornicado - Muere Cerdo
Battle Bratt - Henchmann
Accept - Midnight Mover
Woods Of Ypres - Lightning & Snow
Nokturnal Mortum - Ukraine
Dagger - Give'Em What They Want
Chainsaw - The Surgeon
Flesh Consumed - Harvesting Humans
Virium - The Wisper Of The Silent Forest

Salut i Força Metal!

dimecres, 11 de juliol de 2012

Divendres 6 de juliol (Tots amb la lluita minera!)

Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock
Status Quo - In The Army Now
Pentagram - Forever My Queen
Steel Panther - Fat Girl
Dropkick Murphys - The State Of Massachusetts
Black Sabbath - N.I.B.
Black Label Society - Crazy Horse
Danko Jones - I Think Bad Thoughts
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
Dick Brave & The Backbeats - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Call Love

Salut i Força Metal!
By: Georgina Shaver, la formigueta del Metall

diumenge, 1 de juliol de 2012

Dijous 28 de juny (Continuen les excavacions a La Draga!)

Gigatrón - Apocalipsis Molón
Mean Machine - Rock n Roll Wizard
77 - (Gotta Go) Gotta Hit The Road
Crisix - Electric Possession
Kreator - Death To The World
Lita Ford - Branded
Barbe-Q-Barbies - Spell
Godflesh - Avalanche Master Song
Ihsahn - Arrival
Jettblack - Raining Rock
Sabaton - Carolus Rex
Manowar - El Gringo

Salut i Força Metal!

dimarts, 12 de juny de 2012

Dissabte 2 de juny

Nachtmystium - As Made
Continuo Renacer - The Great Escape
Horn Of The Rhino - Grengus
Moss Icon - Lyburnum - Wits End (Liberation Fly)
Occultation - Living Portrait
Negative Plane - The Number Of The Word
Nahrayan - When The Sun Sets Down

Salut i Força Metal!
By: Ludus Lupus

dissabte, 26 de maig de 2012

Dissabte 26 de maig (Esperanza filla de puta! Amb tot el respecte a les prostitutes)

Baroness - Take My Bones Away
Struck By Lightning - We Are All Rotting Corpses
Liturgy - Pagan Dawn
Sleep - Evil Gipsy - Solomon's Theme
Pigs - Give It
Deathspell Omega - Abrasive Swirling Murk
Vektor - Treastructural Minds
Angel Witch - Guillotine
Zeus - Dama De Hierro
Harvey Milk - Goodbye Blues

By: Ludus Lupus
Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 19 de maig de 2012

Dissabte 19 de maig (Estudiants i professors! Cap a la vaga general!)

Striker - Full Speed Or No Speed
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Love Potion No. 9
Crimson Glory - Lady Of Winter
Haboryn - Fake Enemy
Eths - Adonai
Europe - Riches To Rags
Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue
Hardbone - Bottlemate
Accept - Stalingrad
Moonspell - Lickanthrope
Saint Vitus - Let Them Fall
Dragonforce - Holding On
Manilla Road - Divine Victim
Municipal Waste - New Dead Masters
Golden Axe Metal Version

Salut i Força Metal!

diumenge, 6 de maig de 2012

Dissabte 5 de maig (Especial 30 anys de Ràdio Flix)

Bertín Osborne - Popurri Mexico
Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice
Slipknot - (Sic)
Motörhead - Ace Of Spades
Airbourne - Girls In Black
Testament - The Legacy
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
Judas Priest - Metal Gods
Megadeth - Hangar 18
Slayer - War Ensemble
Mercyful Fate - Evil
Mötley Crüe - Kickstar My Heart
Immortal - All Shall Fall
Darkthrone - High On Cold War
Dethklok - Bloodrocuted
Slash - Doctor Alibi (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
Barón Rojo - Con Botas Sucias
Status Quo - Whatever You Want
Obituary - Dying
Suicidal Angels - Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls
Korpiklaani - Vodka
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Dew-Scented - Cities Of The Dead
Grave Digger - Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
Soulfly - Jumpdafuckup
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac
Swashbuckle - We Are The Storm
Ramones - Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio
Byfrost - Horns To The Sky
Tankard - Stay Thirsty!
Riot - Thundersteel
Accept - Fast As A Shark
Forbidden - Forsaken At The Gates
Acid Death - Perfect Enemy
Gary Moore - Over The Hills And Far Away
Children Of Bodom - Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Ramones cover)
Deicide - To Hell With God
Dekapitator - Deathstrike Command
Indestroy - The Gate
Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern
Mayhem - Deathcrush
Six Feet Under - War Machine (Kiss Cover)
Opeth - Slither
Pentagram - All Your Sins
Alice Cooper - I'll Bit Your Face Off
Kiss - Love Gun
Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65
Napalm Death - Twist The Knife (Slowly)
Esoteric - Cipher
Gigatrón - Warrior Of The Barrio
Mastodon - Spectrelight
Subliritum - No Tomorrow
Saxon - Atila The Hun

Moltes gràcies a tots per fer un programa inolbidable!
Salut i Força Metal!

Dissabte 28 d'abril (No Vull Pagar)

Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
16 - Ants in my Bloodstream
Overkill - Electric Rattlesnake
All Pigs Must Die - Pulverization
Murder Construct - Boundless 
Sectarian Violence - Misplaced Trust
Off! - Cracked
Split Cranium - Retrace the Circle
Disma - Of a Past Forlorn 
Inverloch - The Menin Road
The Devil’s Blood - Everlasting Saturnalia
Witch Mountain - Beekeeper 
Ufomammut - Empireum / Aureum / Infearnatural / Magickon / Midomine

By: Ludus Lupus

Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 21 d’abril de 2012

Dissabte 21 d'abril (Nosaltres, els elefants)

Angelus Apatrida - You Are Next
 Conan - Hawk As Weapon
 Horseback - Arjuna
 Dawnbringer - III
Refused - Poetry Written In Gasoline
 Moksha - El Sot
 Tort - Fire Rose Vampira
 Peste Noire - Dueil Angoisseus
 Alaric - Your God
 Lord Mantis - Ritual Killer
 Asphyx - Deathhammer
 Unsane - Ha Ha Ha
Ardor De Estomago - Una Historia Real

 Salut i Força Metal!
By: Ludus Lupus

dissabte, 14 d’abril de 2012

Dissabte 14 d'abril (Visca la República i mori el Borbó!)

High On Fire - Fertile Green
Ressurection - Culture
Black breath - Sentenced To Live
Converge - On My Shield
Trap Them - Day 44: Slumcut And Gather
Kvelertak - Mjod (Versió original)
Torche - Kicking
Deafheaven - Tunnel Of Trees
Misery Index - Ghosts Of Catalonia
Tormented - Sacrifice The Dead
Nails - Suffering Soul
The Secret - Death Alive
Cave In - Big Riff

By Ludus Lupus
Salut i Força Metal!

diumenge, 8 d’abril de 2012

Dissabte 7 d'abril (Metal cristià VS Metal satànic: La batalla final)

AC/DC - Highway To Hell
Christian Mistress - Pentagram And Crucifix
Venom - Black Metal
Ghost - Ritual
Fratello Metallo - Venere
Gorgoroth - Prayer
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Stryper - Soldiers Under Command
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Petra - Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
Watain - Reaping Death

Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 31 de març de 2012

Dissabte 31 de març (Barcelona en flames!)

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover
Epica - Monopoly On Truth
King Kobra - Iron Eagle
Aura Noir - Trenches
Meshuggah - I Am Colossus
Nitrogods - Black Car Driving Man
Soulfly - World Scum
Jack Blades - Back In The Game
Dynazty - Land Of Broken Dreams
Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies
Dodecahedron - Allfather
Herratik - Enough
Trololo Metal Version

Salut i Força Metal!

diumenge, 25 de març de 2012

Dissabte 17 de març (Visca San Patrici, patró de la cervesa!)

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio
Ratt - Round And Round
Saxon - Crusader
Achren - Impaled
Rotten Sound - Hollow
Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy
Wichfinder General - Burning A Sinner
Demolition Hammer - 44 Caliber Brain Surgery
Waking The Cadaver - Beyond Cops
Eluveitie - Helvetios
Devourment - Babykiller
Super Mario Bros Metal Version
Mortal Kombat Metal Version

Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 3 de març de 2012

Dissabte 3 de març (Dissabte Verd)

Iron Butterfly - Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way)
Voivod - The Getaway
Aggression - Chemical Slavery
Necronomicon - Invictus
Cough - Crippled Wizzard
Van Halen - As Is
Autograph - Turn Up The Radio
Fantomas - The Godfather
Anaemia - Evil Elvis (Elvis Lives)
Chastain - The Voice Of The Cult
Cauldron - Chained Up In Chains
Cannabis Corpse - Lunatic Of Pots Creation
Rackshi - Aces High (Iron Maiden Flamenco Version)

Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 25 de febrer de 2012

Dissabte 25 de febrer (Cap a la vaga d'universitats 29F!)

Scorpions - Across The Universe (The Beatles cover)
Fastway - Leave The Light On
Su ta Gar - Piztia
Mortal Sin - Blood Of My Enemies
Chtonic - Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing
Stormwitch - Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart cover)
Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill
Barón Rojo - Breakthoven
Running Wild - Riding The Storm (Live version)
Tu Carne - Traficante De Órganos
Operación Mutante - Aserejé (Las Ketchup cover)

Salut i Força Metal!

dijous, 23 de febrer de 2012

Dissabte 18 de febrer (No a la repressió policial a València)

Lamb Of God - Ghost Walking
Napalm Death - Leper Colony
Savage Messiah - Mask Of Anarchy
Primal Fear - Give 'Em Hell
Aborted - Global Fatline
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Agression
Caliban - Memorial
Suicidal Angels - Bloodbath
Drudkh - Eternal Turn Of the Wheel
Rage - 21
Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising

Salut i Força Metal!
By Georgina Shaver

dissabte, 4 de febrer de 2012

Dissabte 4 de febrer (Collons quin fred que fot!)

77 - Promise Land
Hostile - Fuelled By Hate
Raubtier - Lat Napalmen Regna
Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Shut Up And Rock
Vicious Bastard - Dead Hooker
Vicious Bastard - Obsolete
Morbus Chron - Creepy Creeping Creep
Slipknot - My Plague
Black Tusk - Set The Dial To Your Doom
Tokyo Blade - Night Of The Blade
Alice Cooper - Wind-Up Toy
Caninus - Bite The Hand That Breeds You
Juliet - My First Hardcore Song

Salut i Força Metal!

dissabte, 21 de gener de 2012

Dissabte 21 de gener (No a les lleis SOPA i PIPA!)

Mötley Crüe - Shout At The Devil
Venom - Hammerhead
Saint Vitus - Clear Windowpane
WASP - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist
Nekromantheon - Gringo Death
Voiceless Location - Disclosure
Van Canto - Primo Victoria (Sabaton cover)
Blind Guardian - Lost In The Twilight Hall
Black Metal Vegan Chef - Pad Thai

Salut i Força Metal!
Richi & Georgina

dissabte, 7 de gener de 2012

Dissabte 7 de gener (King Of Kings)

Manowar - Kings Of Metal
Ghost - Elizabeth
Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation
Between The Buried And Me - Destructo Spin
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted
77 - High Decibels
Gigatrón - Tú Mismo
Arsis - Servants To The Night
Septic Flesh - The Vampire From Nazareth
Wehrmacht - The Beer Is Here Drink Beer Be Free
Helstar - The King Of Hell
Chiquigrind Compilation

Salut i Força Metal!

dimarts, 3 de gener de 2012

Dissabte 31 de desembre (Enter 2012)

Black Tusk - Bring Me Darkness
Primordial - Bloodied Yet Unbound
Immolation - Illumination
Metallica - Just A Bullet Away
Absu - Ontologically, It Became Time & Space
In Solitude - We Were Never Here
Blut Aus Nord - Epitome VIII
Pallbearer - An Offering Of Grief
Ulcerate - Burning Skies
King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas

Salut i Força Metal!

By Ludus Lupus